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Gail Carroll

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Date and Time:

  Sat, Oct 18, 2014   1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Requested donation:

  $50 IF PAID BY OCT 11


  *  Do  you sometimes feel stuck, trapped in a repetitive conflict that goes nowhere? Are you longing for  some movement and change?
*  Or has your reactivity, your own hair trigger, created outcomes that you regret now?
*  Would you like to be the one increasing the peace,  creating the world you want with the words you choose?


If so please consider attending our half day workshop.TRANSFORMING OUR ENEMY IMAGES  In this afternoon you will learn how to uncover the core, life-serving needs hidden behind “challenging” words  or behaviors, and how to express honestly in a way that invites collaboration rather than resistance.

We'll share with you four principles of effective empathic listening, the foundation of any relationship. You'll experience the sweetness of really being heard. And you will learn how to give that gift,your presence, to others, maintaining connection as you shift from reaction to curiosity.

Facilitated by Gail Carroll and Paul Merrill
Gail and Paul were both teachers of  NVC when they met as continuing  students in a year long NVC mediation program in 2010. Sharing a common language of NVC was crucial to remaining connected throughout the inevitable conflicts of intimacy.In 2011, they began to focus their NVC teaching on skills and practices they were using in their own relationship conflicts.  Both are graduates of BayNVC's Leadership Program and Mediate your Life, and are host trainers with the New York NVC Intensive.

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  • The day will be a balanced combination of group instruction, partner work and guided role play.

Who is it for?

  Anyone who wants to:
*  Experience more ease while in conflict.
*  Gain greater confidence in speaking their truth.
*  Foster understanding, harmony and reconciliation.

Registration and deposit info:

  Combine this half day workshop with "Speaking Peace" - a full day workshop on November 15 in Cambridge,MA for a package price of $125 if paid by Oct 11th.  The package price after Oct 11 will be $135.

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