New England NVC was founded in 2008 in the context of the rapid growth of the number of people learning NVC and the rapid growth of the Center for Nonviolent Communication as an organization. The policy making leadership of New England NVC is the New England NVC Circle. The decision making process and organizational structure of New England NVC is based on NVC and Sociocracy.


The mission of New England NVC is to share compassionate communication (Nonviolent CommunicationSM) to communities and organizations throughout New England and surrounding areas.


The New England Circle has identified the following aims for its work:

  • Provide a means of information exchange among NVC groups and with
    CNVC leadership
  • ¬†Support cooperation and collaboration among those contributing to
    the spread of NVC
  • Increase participation in, and quality, number and variety of
    opportunities to learn NVC
  • Provide ways for all those interested to contribute time, skills
    and money to the growth of the NVC community
  • Improve access for all to information about NVC and opportunities
    to learn NVC
  • Create and sustain a structure for decision making that models