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The Alchemy of Relationship



Gail Carroll

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

  Friends Meeting House, Cambridge, MA

Date and Time:

  Sat, Jan 25, 2014   10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Requested donation:

  $90 if registered by Jan 18, 2014


  The Alchemy of Relationship

A day-long workshop based on compassionate, non-violent communication

A workshop for people who want to clarify and transform their interpersonal and internal conflicts by engaging a witnessing and compassionate mind in their own life and relationships.

Ideal for those who have been introduced to the core NVC principles of observation, feeling, need, request and who are ready to begin putting this understanding into action.

Some of the topics will be:

Returning to self connection after being triggered

Breaking down barriers to empathic connection

Using requests to stay in a difficult dialogue

Turning regret into learning

As a core trainer with NVC Boston, Gail shares NVC with the transformative power of compassion as the foundation of her practice and teaching. Before moving to the Boston area, Paul taught NVC in Boston, New York City, Belgium and Poland. He is a founding board member of Brooklyn NVC.  Paul and Gail are both co-trainers for Mediate Your Life, a program for those wishing to use NVC to increase their ability to resolve personal and interpersonal conflicts.   Gail has a private practice in the Boston area, offering private clients/couples NVC empathy and mediation.   Paul and Gail share practices that have brought them through many conflicts to deeper connection.

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