NVC Dance Floors!

This workshop is intended for people who are already familiar with the basics of NVC.

NVC Dance Floors are not a form of expressive dancing. The Dance Floors are a fun, novel and creative method of integrating NVC that acknowledges a variety of learning styles and uses spatial maps made up of large, colored cards placed on the floor in various layouts called ‘dances.’ People practice NVC standing up and ‘dance’ through the steps of a given process, such as dialogues with others (3 dances) or inner processes (4 dances, including self-empathy, mediating inner conflicts, and transforming anger, guilt, shame or depression).


  • Dance Floors offers a clear and practical method of learning and practicing NVC
  • Dance Floors supports people’s learning preferences, integrating auditory, kinesthetic and visual ways of learning
  • Dance Floors supports people’s needs for active and reflective learning
    • visual intelligence nourished by seeing the text and color of the cards
    • sensation/movement/body intelligence nourished by standing and moving (as dancer) or watching the dancer moving
    • auditory intelligence nourished by hearing the dancer’s, the role-player’s and the trainer’s words
    • spatial intelligence nourished by the layout of the cards
    • need for action nourished by moving and trying out the options
    • need for reflection nourished by watching another participant doing the dance and by group discussion after the dance