Books, CDs. DVDs:

These are an easy way to explore for newcomers and for those deepening their learning. There is a large selection of materials available. The two main sources are the CNVC bookstore and Puddle Dancer Press. You can also buy NVC materials through Amazon.com or other online booksellers.

One on One Learning:

Friends teaching friends!

Practice Groups:

These are usually peer groups meeting weekly, biweekly or monthly for defined or indefinite periods of time and they are usually free! Some practice groups are for beginners and use Lucy Leu’s Nonviolent Communication Companion Workbook as a guide. Some have closed membership and some operate on a “drop-in” basis. Practice groups are often created out of beginners workshops. A key of this website is to help people publicize practice groups and to find practice groups to join. And if you try one practice group and it does not meet your needs, join or start another! See Practice Group Listings


A series of session often between 6 and 12 led by an experienced teacher with a request for financial contribution. There may be beginners, intermediate and advanced classes. Usually participants commit to attending the series, though some classes are held on a drop-in basis.


These range from introductions of 1-3 hours, foundations workshops of 4 hours to several days to intermediate workshops to multi-day intensives. The content and approaches of the workshops vary, ranging from general NVC to Dance Floors to Anger to Core Beliefs, etc. See Workshop Calendar.

Leadership Programs:

These are for people who want to bring NVC deeply into their lives. Leadership Programs typically include a series of several-day intensives over the course of 6 months to 2 years. Participation may also include teleconferences and empathy/action “buddies.” Some leadership programs have a specific focus, such as parenting, social change or training of trainers. BayNVC in Oakland runs a popular leadership program.