About Membership

Membership in New England NVC: Types and Definitions

Mailing list:

The Mailing List receives special announcements and a biweekly newsletter with news of NVC workshops, practice groups and related events. To join the mailing list click here!

Supporting Members:

Individuals who support the spread of NVC by contributing time, money and other resources to help New England NVC grow and thrive. If you want to support New England NVC finiancially, click here. if you want to support New England NVC in other ways send us and email.

Learning Members:

Participants in classes, practice groups and leadership programs and other long term groups to learn NVC.

Circle Members:

Participate in groups that are part of the decision making structure of New England NVC. Circles have particular programmatic aims like sharing NVC in a particular geographic area or with a particular population or organization. Or Circles may have particular support aims for the organization of New England NVC itself. Circles are created and recognized by existing Circles. Or they may be created spontaneously by a group of people who then ask to be recognized as a Circle by an existing Circle. To explore becoming a recognized circle, contact the New England NVC Coordinator, Jerry Koch-Gonzalez at 413-687-5444 or by email.

New England NVC Network:

The informal network of everyone who consciously intends to live, learn and/or teach NVC in New England