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Sociocracy: A Deeper Democracy



Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Location: Brooklyn, New York, US

  Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, 53 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Sociocracy For All website
4-minute intro to sociocracy video
23-minute intro to sociocracy slideshow

Date and Time:

  Sat, Sep 17, 2016   09:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Requested donation:

  $85, with a sliding scale of $40 to $180.


  In this fun, provocative experiential workshop you will learn how the governance method known as Sociocracy redesigns traditional organizational decision making, transforms ownership structure, and offers a vision of society based on cooperation.

Sociocracy means governance by those who work together – “the socios.” Sociocracy, also known as Dynamic Governance, is an effective participatory decision making process based on equivalence of power of all participants regardless of role or position.  Sociocracy is a form of egalitarian governance used by a number of NVC groups around the world.

Through the links you can watch a 4-minute quick introduction to sociocracy. For a fuller introduction to Sociocracy, watch the longer video on sociocracy (23min).

Workshop led by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
- CEO of the Sociocracy Consulting Group
- Co-founder of Sociocracy For All
- Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer and Certified Sociocracy Consultant
- 21-year resident of Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community(which operates on sociocracy) in Amherst, MA


  • Basic principles of Sociocracy to share power:
  • 1. work together: small, agile work groups for efficiency and effectiveness
  • 2. everyone is heard: decisions are made by consent
  • 3. keep improving: all decisions are transparent and feedback is invited from all members

Who is it for?

  anyone with an interest in equality

Registration and deposit info:

  Registration is limited to 20 people. The same workshop is being offered twice - once on Saturday Sept 17 and once on Sunday (Sept 18).
Requested contribution $85, with a sliding scale of $40 to $180. No one turned away for lack of funds. Please self-select how much you contribute according to your capacity and interest.

What to bring:

  A willingness to experiment.
Your own lunch if you like. We will order from menus for lunch delivery.

Online registration:

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