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Boston MA: Sociocracy - a one day introduction



Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Location: , Massachusetts,

  Jamaica Plain Cohousing Community at 65 Cornwall St, MA 02130
Jamaica Plain Cohousing
Both-And Consulting
The Sociocracy Consulitng Group

Date and Time:

  Sun, Sep 30, 2012   09:30 AM to 5:00 PM


  Sociocracy/Dynamic Self-Governance

A one-day Experiential Workshop exploring an approach to decision making and organizational structure where everyone's needs matter.

Sociocracy, aka Dynamic Self-Governance, is an effective, efficient and transparent participatory decision making process based on equivalence of power of all participants regardless of their position in an organization.

Sociocracy also offers an organizational structure that can transform traditional frameworks of ownership, compensation and leadership selection.

Sociocracy can be implemented in all kinds and sizes of organizations – traditional businesses, cooperatives and social change. Sociocracy aims to hold both the “I” and the “We” and end dynamics of power under and power over.

A participatory workshop! Live the revolution now. Come experience it for yourself!

The presenter of this workshop, Jerry Koch-Gonzalez, is a long time activist and independent consultant. Jerry’s passion is to share egalitarian practices such as sociocracy, nonviolent communication (NVC) and Restorative Circles. Jerry lives with his family in the Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community in Amherst MA.

Who is it for?

  Anyone seeking a system of decision making and organization that is more effective and scalable than consensus, ensures greater equality than majority rule democracy, and delivers products and services efficiently in any sector - businesses, nonprofits, and social change organizations.

Registration and deposit info:

  Requested contribution: sliding scale $50-100.
Prepay by PayPal when registering or pay at the door.
All are welcome regardless of ability to contribute financially.
Wheelchair accessible.

Workshop limit 30 people

A very limited amount of housing with JP Cohousing Community members is available for $25 a night. Please email Jeney R to ask about housing:

What to bring:

  Snacks and a basic vegetarian lunch will be provided. Please bring something to share, or some additional food for yourself if you have a special diet.

Online registration:

   If you wish to register more than one person please complete a separate registration for each person. You may make one payment under one person's name for all the members that you register. When you register the additional members covered by the initial payment, enter $0.00 as the payment amount for each of those members. Please put your name in the "comment field" when you register each of those other members so we will know who paid for them.

You will be able to select your donation amount on the next page. The requested donation is between $25.00 and $75.00.

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