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New Paltz NY: Body of Wisdom: Embodying Nonviolent Communication



David Weinstock

Location: , Regional,

  Boughton Place in Highland, NY  just outside of New Paltz.

Date and Time:

  Fri, Sep 28, 2012   
Sat, Sep 29, 2012   
Sun, Sep 30, 2012   
Begins at 1:00pm Friday

Requested donation:

  225.00 dollars, some scholorships available


  Walk your talk with Power and Compassion Lead by David Weinstock

I am very happy to return to the New York area and very excited about this weekend workshop.  There will be personal, partner and group explorations drawing from Nonviolent Communication, Somatic Coaching, Aikido, Music and Community Consensus living. We will bring to the table spirited centering and relationship practices with an infusion of music, lively conversation and some good fun. This cornucopia of practices will engage all of our senses to help align what we deeply value with our words and actions in the world.
Join us for this unique integration of Nonviolent Communication
Somatics, and Aikido to create a future of greater possibilities in your life.

After years (20 and still counting) of living in an Intentional Community where we have practiced Nonviolent Communication and worked by consensus, it has become very clear to me that inner work has a great amount of importance in these practices.
    My personal contribution to NVC practices is distilled from 30 years of studying and teaching the nonviolent martial art of Aikido and as a Somatic coach.  Somatic training beautifully supports the integration of the verbal and nonverbal aspects of communication.   Distillations from Aikido and Somatics, beautifully compliment, reveal and enhance the nonverbal facets of NVC practice.  The martial arts also bring with it a solid understanding of what mastery requires.  Aiki is the core of Aikido.  It is an art and discipline for developing harmony and cooperative action.  It promotes self-awareness, calmness under pressure, compassionate power, and respectful engagement with others.  Empathy in NVC  and  “ki”  in Aikido, to me are one and the same.  These various disciplines come together in the body of work I call , "Somatic Consensus".
    As with Aikido, I approach NVC as a way of life.  NVC becomes powerfully effective when our verbal and nonverbal communication are aligned and emerge from a unified internal consensus.         
    As I present a number of principles, examples, discourse and practices, the fundamental and recurring notion is that living fully in our bodies is the essential ingredient for living NVC, leading others and creatively leading our own lives. This is the foundation for mastery of any discipline, NVC included. Throughout the weekend there will be individual/partner/group interactions, demonstrations and conversations for reflection and action, creative explorations, contemplative time, selected readings and stories, and some good fun.


  • • Align verbal & nonverbal communication with what value
  • and care about.
  • • Cultivate a powerful vulnerability, good timing and inclusiveness under
  • pressure
  • • Practice NVC to effectively bring it into your body and presence.
  • • Identify and Change habituated ways of being that no longer
  • serve whom you choose to become.

Who is it for?

  This workshop is for adults, young and old.
Whether you are new to NVC or an advanced trainer, you will find plenty to spark your curiosity and draw your interest.

Registration and deposit info:

  $75.00 dollar deposit to reserve a place.

E-mail  Shana at Shanadeane77@gmail,
mail check to:
David Weinstock
Box 438
Indianola, Wa. 98342
Call to register
at 646-912-1729 or 360 689-2641

Make Checks payable to:
Liminal Somatics

What to bring:

  Yourselves.  We will send you information this information upon registration

Online registration:

   If you wish to register more than one person please complete a separate registration for each person. You may make one payment under one person's name for all the members that you register. When you register the additional members covered by the initial payment, enter $0.00 as the payment amount for each of those members. Please put your name in the "comment field" when you register each of those other members so we will know who paid for them.

You will be able to select your donation amount on the next page. The requested donation is between $165.00 and $225.00.

The requested deposit is between $75.00 and $225.00.

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