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Rosendale, NY - Empathy Intensive Three Day Retreat with Thom Bond and Pan Vera



Pan Vera

Location: , Regional,

  Life Bridge Sanctuary, 333 Mountain Road  Rosendale, NY 12472
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Introducing the Lifebridge Sanctuary

Date and Time:

  Wed, Sep 12, 2012   
Thur, Sep 13, 2012   
Fri, Sep 14, 2012   
Sat, Sep 15, 2012   
Sun, Sep 16, 2012   
1:00 PM Wednesday Septembre 12 to 4:30 PM Sunday September 16 2012

Requested donation:

  $460 for Tuition and $400 for Food and Lodging


  Join us in Rosendale, NY at a four day Empathy Intense that is only for people who have had at least 16 -20 hours of training and would like to enhance their practice of NVC. This training is intended to support and inspire participants in breaking through and having a deeper integration of empathy than ever before. In a supportive, community environment, we experience challenge, guidance, nurturing and support in the practices of empathy and seeing our world empathically.

Many people who have read Marshall Rosenberg's book(s), participated in a practice group, gone to workshops still struggle to "integrate" empathy into moment by moment experience or at a depth that we know is possible yet can't seem to get to.

In our experience, taking a three or four day workshop has enormous benefits to making long term changes in our lives, and is much more powerful that taking four one day events.

This training is intended to support and inspire participants in breaking through and having a deeper integration of empathy than ever before. In a supportive, community environment, we experience challenge, guidance, nurturing and support in the practices of empathy and seeing our world empathically. 

Throughout our time together we will deepen our capacity for being present, being aware of our focus and our own capabilities and willingness, moment by moment. 

Going Deeper

Feelings and needs are the heart of empathy. So our relationship to them directly influences the quality and depth of our empathy. At this intensive, through practice and exercise, we will broaden and enrich our understanding and experience of feelings and needs (our own and others) thereby deepening our practice of empathy.

Throughout the retreat, we will build on that work with well-defined empathy processes to get immediate and fruitful practice.

As NVC trainers, Thom and Pan are committed to supporting ourselves and everyone in sharing a level of connection that transcends conflict, enriches our lives, our relationships and our world.

It is my honor and inspiration, to share and practice the skills of making peace, within ourselves and in the world. I am profoundly grateful to be a part of that. This Intensive offers a new way to contribute to a more wonderful life and world for generations to come

Defining Empathy
Your Personal Relationship to Feelings and Needs
Distinguishing Needs from Strategies
Working with "Non-feelings"
Distinguishing and Translating "should/shouldn't" Thinking
Understanding and Practicing Focus
Understanding and Practicing Presence and Intention
Understanding and Practicing Focus

Feeling Feelings
Practice "Being"
Connecting to the Energy of Needs
Mindfulness Practices 
Empathy Demonstrations
Empathy Sessions
Empathy Role Plays and Exercises
Emergency Self-Empathy
Connecting to Deeper Needs 
Embodying Needs

Who is it for?

  People who have had at least 16 - 20 hours of training and have put the learning into practice. Best if you have been in a practice group.

Registration and deposit info:

  Limited tuition help is available. Costs for food and lodging are fixed.  Call Pan at 802-659-0144 to discuss.

Online registration:

   If you wish to register more than one person please complete a separate registration for each person. You may make one payment under one person's name for all the members that you register. When you register the additional members covered by the initial payment, enter $0.00 as the payment amount for each of those members. Please put your name in the "comment field" when you register each of those other members so we will know who paid for them.

You will be able to select your donation amount on the next page. The requested donation is $860.00.

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